Firemac FM60, Firemac FM120 and Firemac FM240 Ductwork Systems


Firemac’s range of systems for fire protected ductwork use a glass fibre fabric which when applied to a steel duct will provide fire protection for up to four hours. The fabric is applied by ductworkers themselves, quickly and easily, and at the point of fabrication, giving them complete control of the whole contract, without the need to resort to any third party suppliers for fire rated ductwork.


There is no loss of time on site, continuity is guaranteed and any plan changes are easily accomplished.


The duct systems are constructed following the Firemac Technical Manual which provides the full specification for the galvanised steel ductwork and the application of the Firemac FM Fabric. The standard duct systems Firemac FM60, Firemac FM120 & Firemac FM240 provide up to 60 minutes, 120 minutes and 240 minutes fire resistance (stability & integrity) respectively. If the insulation performance of the standard is required then rock wool is applied on site over the fabric-covered steel duct to form the Firemac FM60i and Firemac FM120i systems for 60min and 120min fire resistance respectively. A complete summary of the different fire performance levels of these Firemac duct systems is given under Testing and Certification.


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