The performance of any fire protection system, active or passive, is only as good as the standard of workmanship used in the manufacturing and installation. Firemac take great care to ensure all our partners operate to the highest possible standards of workmanship in manufacturing and installation of Firemac products and systems.

Firemac believes it is very important that manufacturers and installers of our products and systems not only understand how to fabricate and install, but most importantly that there is an understanding of why these factors are so important to the eventual performance.

Firemac provides detailed practical hands-on and theoretical workshop and classroom training to the fabricators and installers of our products and systems; this training is reinforced by the provision of detailed Technical Manuals, training videos and site inspections. Firemac partners undergo training on a annual basis to ensure their knowledge remains current and ensures the highest quality of installation and safety assurance.


I honestly cannot fault them, they are head and shoulders above every other supplier we work with.


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