Client: Jakarta Metro
Product: FM Ductwork Systems

Sector: International

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Project Description

Firemac FM Fire Ducts have been installed as part of the fire protection in the thirteen underground stations of the M1 North-South Line. Firemac FM Fire Ducts, pictured here in the Dukuh Atas interchange station, are lightweight, require no curing time, and can be fabricated up to 10m wide.

System Specification

  • 2 hours Uninsulated
  • Overhead Track Exhaust

Performance Summary

Within certain projects, a smoke extract system may be required to assist during and after a fully developed fire, to aid fire fighters’ vision while tackling a fire.


Firemac FM Fire Ducts are being installed in both the Jakarta Metro and Doha Metro Gold Line. To gain approval the system had to meet local Civil Defence / Fire Brigade standards, be Third Party Certificated by an internationally recognised body, demonstrate fire performance to BS476: Part 24: 1987 (ISO 6944:1985), and successfully pass impact, flame, smoke and toxicity tests. Firemac FM Fire Ducts have also passed the hose stream test as required in ASTM E119-16.