Client: Sea Containers House

Product: FM Blue

Sector: Government & Infrastructure

Location: London, UK

Project Description

  • Sea Containers House is an impressive sight with its art deco curves and lattice of neon blue lighting framing more than 359 hotel suites and 290,000 square feet of office space. Over 400 square metres of FM Blue was installed over an extremely demanding three-week program. Four-sided box structures were created, encasing the extractor unit and ducting, where necessary, and threesided structures were created where the ducting extraction equipment was flush against the concrete ceiling.

System Specification

  • Smoke Extraction
  • Fire Resistance Period: 1 Hour
  • Acoustic Insulation

Performance Summary

  • Within certain projects, a smoke extract system may be required to assist in enabling persons within the building a safe route of egress during the early stages of a fire. The Firemac FM Blue System is designed to maintain 75% of its cross-sectional area during the early stages of a fire i.e. post-flashover, as well as stability and integrity, and insulation up to a specified temperature.


  • Fully tested in accordance with BS476 Part 24,
  • Up to three hours fire resistance, exposed to a hydrocarbon fire.
  • Up to four hours fire resistance, exposed to a cellulosic fire