AQ Towers

Client: AQ Towers
Product: FM Fireduct System

Sector: International
Location: Doha, Qatar

Project Description

The Abraj Quartier is the landmark component of a major mixed-use development in Doha known as “The Pearl”. The two beacon-like office towers flank the main access road and serve as the gateway to the overall Pearl development. The Abraj Quartier will include 2,200 residential units and a total of more than 350,000 mÇ of built area. Firemac FM Fire Ducts have been installed throughout the main towers including an eight level parking podium and forty three levels of high rise office space.

System Specification

  • Car park ventilation Ducts
  • Ventilation / Smoke Outlet Ducts
  • Fire resistance period: 2 hours

Performance Summary

  • The purpose of fire resistant ductwork in enclosed car parks and basements are two fold:

Smoke control:

  • Systems designed to extract smoke during the early stages of a fire, when temperatures are around 250°C to 350°C.

Smoke clearance:

  • Systems designed to clear the building of smoke following the extinction of a fully-developed fire.



  • The fire safety strategy in the AQ Tower incorporated smoke control and smoke clearance systems as a key component. These duct systems often operate as standard ventilation duct systems during regular operation in non-fire conditions. The relevant test method for any ductwork system to be used in smoke extract systems is BS476: Part 24: 1987 (ISO 6944:1985).


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