September 2018

FM Blue Expands

In September 2018 Firemac welcomed Patrick Williams to our team in the role of Technical Sales Manager for FM Blue. Patrick has an excellent background in working with consultants on specification and will assist SIG, distributors of FM Blue in the UK.

Firemac FM Blue is one of our main product lines in the UK, with projects including London Underground, Race Bank Wind Farm and the Royal Bank of Scotland HQ in London. Firemac FM Blue is a non-combustible composite board with a fibre reinforced cement core and outer facings of 0.6mm perforated galvanised steel mechanically bonded to the core.

Firemac FM Blue systems provide robust insulated or uninsulated vertical and horizontal barriers, ventilation, smoke extract and kitchen extract ductwork and enclosures for building services with a fire resistance of up to 4 hours. FM Blue systems are particularly useful where high levels of impact or blast resistance are required.

Moving into a new year, one of Firemac’s main goals is to increase investment in R&D for FM Blue and promote the product and related services and support to a wider market audience. In order to achieve this objective, Patrick has joined us as an experienced and connected face in the industry, with the sole determination to further push Firemac’s position as a leader in passive fire protection in the UK.

If you have any questions about FM Blue, please contact Patrick at or visit the FM Blue page on our website.